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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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opportunity and both my wife and i wanted to be with her. reporter: gina is nervous for the results of the election, but she's glad to do her part. >> she takes some pride in, you know, her voting process. it's great. reporter: now, the waukesha county clerk has told me monommy falls has some of the highest turnout rate. they are expecting 75% here. as you can see behind me quite a lot of make sure their vote counts. reporting live today's tmj4. shannon: presidential candidates cast their ballots this morning in new york. hillary clinton and donald trump have their election night parties in amendment a couple blocks away from each other. one of the tightest races in the country is the senate race in wisconsin. steve: the outcome could determine whether the democrats
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senate. shannon: we will begin with julia fello and ron johnson's campaign in oshkosh. reporter: he tells me three counties he's keeping a close eye on tonight. >> we need not only a high tournament and record turnout. reporter: if waukesha county is any indication, turnout will be huge. the county clerk says she expects a higher turnout than the presidential election which was at 85%. this race couldn't be any closer. russ feingold's 5-point lead over johnson in september, shrunk to 1-point. johnson has a vastly different out look of america's future compared to his opponent. >> if you wonder why more people don't run for office, look to
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reporter: the current chair of homeland security tells me if he's reelected tonight, the first thing he would to is try to increase border and cybersecurity. reporting live in oshkosh. julia fello, today's tmj4. shannon: russ feingold is running to get his old job back. katie crowther is live in middleton. reporter: it's quite the rematch. johnson less than five points six years ago and now feingold is back with a vengeance and wants his old job back. he was in madison ral aying last minute support. he tells us he's not worried about the poll numbers showing his narrowed to one point. he says many of the polls are inaccurate and he's confident he will beat ron johnson and win back the senate seat for democrats.
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in the state. you got to actually represent people and in this time and in this economy, there are too many families that are having a hard time paying the bills and they deserve a break. that's what we have to do. we can't just win the election. we have to produce. i am very eager to win this thing tonight and then get to work. reporter: a lot of state democratic leaders will be here with russ feingold tonight. i will be here bringing you all of it. steve: charles benson has been covering all of the candidates in this election for roughly 19 months. shannon: he's in janesville. tell us about the impact this will have on this race compared to other years. charles: you have to look at 2010 when ron johnson and russ feingold had their first match and feingold losing in that match when only 2.2 million voters turned out.
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election they are expecting 3 to 3.1 million voters. so when you talk about a margin of 1 or 2% in these polls, that's why they are out trying to get every possible vote. you hear ron johnson talk about the waukesha area and hear russ feingold talking about the madison area. those are the two key areas for them. steve: on the presidential side, donald trump came to wisconsin five times. hillary never did make it have? charles: so it indicated to me that the hillary clinton folks felt that wisconsin was comfortably on their side. they felt that the numbers were there all along. donald trump was trying to change the blue state that's been blue state for the last seven presidential elections to a red state, but also by coming here he may have brought republicans home again who were reluctant to vote for him. anytime he can bump up his
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we will see tonight how much all of this effort means when the final votes are counted. shannon: we will be talking with you all evening. keep up with today's democrats on the campaign at today's tmj4 and on our website, the polls are closing at 8 p.m. steve: if you are standing in line at eight you will be bill able we will get to eric ross, he's covering the possibility of voter fraud in some areas. reporter: good afternoon. if there's a silver lining out of this election we haven't heard of any voting fraud ics or any major issues at polls at southeastern wisconsin. that could still change because the polls close at 8. there's still time for stuff to go wrong. we as reporters are hoping everything goes off without a
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>> it's been a busy but a very calm afternoon for us. reporter: milwaukee commission executive director neal says for the most part voting has been a smooth process. >> we have voters that have pretty profound challenges either meeting the proof of residence requirement or photo i.d. requirement at their polling places. reporter: th working with those voters to have them cast a provisional ballot which will allow their vote to count. there were concerns centered around intimidation around election observers. >> i personally have not received one complaint about the observers. and i think that just has a lot to do with the commitment from the political parties. reporter: and back live the only real issue we have heard of at
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waukesha county the count clerk told me three polling location in the town of lisbon ran out of ballots earlier this afternoon. however, new ballots were ordered and delivered to those polling locations by 2:30. we are live in downtown milwaukee. we will keep on eye on conditions out here as well as all over southeastern wisconsin. shannon: the polls will close at eight. you will be able to vote and we will talk about all the things on the ballot across the state in a moment. >> weather wasn't a factor as far as voter turnout because it was phenomenal today, 54 degrees. north winds 16 miles-per-hour. we had a couple sprinkles this morning. if you are still going out this evening, partly to mostly cloudy skies at 8:51 degrees. dropping only to 48 at 10.
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announcer: you are watching today's tmj4 with carole meekins , george stephanopoulos,
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malan and lance allan with sports. welcome back to live at 5 on this election day 2016. there's been a steady line of voters at the polls all day in wisconsin. those in line at 8 will be allowed to vote. voters in a number of cities and villages are voting on key issues today. let's look at referendums on the ballots in our areas. voters in w whether they should expand library. >> should the town clerk and town treasurer be appoint bide the town board. >> should the city propose a amendment to the u.s. constitution that would regulate contributions and spending. >> you can see those on our west coast at
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some u.s. towards. guam closed first. polls just closed in part of indiana as well as kentucky. >> first big closings happen at 6. polls close in florida and georgia as well as south carolina, vermand, virginia. >> battleground state of ohio closes its polls at 7:30... >> wisconsin among the polls that close at eight. nevada is one of the states to watch after the polls close in 9 p.m. our time. >> other west coast polls will close at 10 p.m. at our time. it's possible we will have some of the winners around 10 p.m. tonight. our election team is very busy out in the streets and we will be here all night.
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steve: we are on the look out for issues at the polls, plus the new technology that will track the races in real time. a play by play look at projections coming in. that's on the now milwaukee edition starting at 6:30. question, how cool will it get overtime? the forecasts next.
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john: you are looking live picture of the frank p. sidler municipal building where there's been a steady stream of voters tonight. carole: we will switch gears and talk about our weather and it's feelg week continues. george: it's chillier now. john: we are still only 54 degrees. currently our high was 59 when you probably voted. almost another 60. this is the lowest temperature for the month of november and our average today is 50 degrees. that temperature is still nine degrees above normal. waukesha getting dark outside.
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winds appear 10 miles-per-hour. dewpoint down to 37. temperatures in the rest of the area, 54 milwaukee, racine and kenosha. 51 up in fond du lac. we have an area of clouds hanging tough or the top of the lake side counties. every else out to the west enjoying stars. clear skies and stays around most of tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow and a beautiful day west-southwest going into thursday and that will warm us up back to the 60s. for tonight we will call it partly cloudy, clear skies inland. 34 inland. 40 closer to the lake shore. winds are slowly diminishing through the evening hours. 54 for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. seasonably mild with our average at 50 and then warmer still into thursday.
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60 degrees. and your storm team 4 seven-day forecast, 60 on thursday, friday, gift for veteran's day with partly cloudy skies, sunny and 50 to start out the upcoming weekend. by sunday mid to upper 50s. 57 on monday and 55 on tuesday. the warm air continues tonight. as i said yesterday there's a high temperature on that seven-day that's below normal. george: what will we john: we will stay with the heat wave through fall. carole: thank you, john.
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carole: tonight jackpot $82,000 and mega millions now at $54 million. george: nbc's 2016 coverage begins at seven. we will have local coverage twice an hour through the evening and then complete coverage tonight in a special hour-long edition of live at ten. john: it's nice out there. nothing changed. check out the temperatures. 8 is when you are just about done, 51 degrees. you are in the low 50s all evening. winds are breezy and skies are cloudy by the lake shore. away from the lake shore mostly
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45 degrees. this could easily be the warmest november on record. there's no shift in that pattern so far. we set two records so far this month 77 on day one and 70 last sunday, a warm, nevada. carole: i think all sides can agree this would go a good vote. john: this would get a good vote. george: let's take a live picture right now the frank municipal building where peo are standing in line. this picture changed dramatically. carole: that's really growing. stay with today's tmj4, we have
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tonight, breaking news. decision night. it all comes down to this. >> and america's best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> the new adventure is making america great again. we're going to do it. >> on this historic night, who will it be? hillary clinton or donald trump? just moments away from the first polls closing. voters lined up across the nation to make their voices heard. the candidates, after criss-crossing the nation, end up just a mile apart tonight as


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